Is a young company dedicated equally to provide the best quality of service to individual and group travelers for both leisure and business clients. Our Company aims to be a market leader in professionalism and business excellence within the tourism industry that seeks to differentiate itself as the Premier Destination Management Company in the UAE.

Our Vision

To be the emblem for success in professionalism and business excellence within the travel and tourism industry.

Our Values

Trust: Our relationship with our clients is built on a mutual trust that paves the way for a long term relationship and partnership geared towards success.


Commitment: We give our clients the assurance that their requests will be handled in a timely manner, banner with professionalism and dedication.


We Care: Here, we put our clients at the center of everything we do and is guided by the principles and values about which we care deeply.

Our Mission

Fast with Exceptional Skills, two of the great characteristics of a Falcon or “Saqr” in Arabic. There is a reason that our company name was derived after falcons. It’s not just the amazing speed, but the remarkable tactics they possess.


Our Employees are the heart of Al Saqr Al Zahabi Tourism, we have worked carefully to select the right, highly trained personnel with professional integrity, reputability and proactivity to ensure a quick and accurate response to each inquiry. The managers and team leaders are chosen in accordance with their level of education, experience and leadership skills to lead our team of professionals to greater achievements.


We are aiming at establishing continuous training programs to enhance the existing expertise. By attending training courses and workshops, our team is always up to date with the latest management and customer service skills to provide the highest standard of service excellence.


Located in a modern commercial center in Al Garhoud, Deira within close proximity to Dubai International Airport which is by far accessible to our clients and suppliers.

We use the latest technology as the foundation to deliver effcient solutions to our clients, by making use of the latest equipment’s and so ware we strive to make operations run smoothly.

With our own fleet of vehicles ranging from budget to luxury cars, vans and buses that allows us to maintain a high quality transportation services.

The main focus of the business is to offer a comprehensive and cost effective travel capability, delivered with excellent service, something that is often difficult to come by in this very competitive industry.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best products, highest service standards and lowest possible price. We are constantly looking to enhance and expand our product range, and are always happy to tailor-make itineraries to our customers’ needs or special interests.